Pacific Cod

There is a reason they call this fish “true cod;” it is the real deal! Jig-caught Pacific cod (gadus morhua) is a sustainable choice in seafood and has been placed on the Seafood Watch “Best Choice” list.

Pacific cod in Alaska is caught from Ketchikan to the Aleutian Islands with all gear types: bottom trawls, longline, pots, and jig gear. Hence, again the importance of knowing which gear type caught your cod is critical as the environmental impact varies dramatically across these fisheries. With its characteristic large, delicate flakes and its moist, slightly sweet flavor, seafood fans and picky eaters alike can enjoy this demersal whitefish. Whether sautéed, roasted, or pan-fried, this fish tastes great with just a little butter and squeeze of lemon but also takes well to sauces like a fresh basil pesto or a citrus salsa. For budget-conscience seafood lovers, cod is a good and affordable alternative to more pricey whitefishes such as halibut.