About Us

The Kodiak Jig Initiative, and the brand Kodiak Jig Seafoods, was created over the course of many conversations and fishing seasons. From those conversations emerged the foundation of Kodiak Jig Seafoods.

Kodiak Jig Initiative and Kodiak Jig Seafoods is a unique partnership between the Alaska Marine Conservation Council and the Alaska Jig Association. United by the core values of community, conservation and quality, we are working together increase profitability of low-impact, local jig fishing operations by developing new markets for jig-caught Pacific cod, black rockfish, and dusky rockfish.

Kodiak Jig Seafoods is a social enterprise that operates based on triple-bottom line benefits to generate not only economic value, but social and environmental value as well. Key project partners that have supported efforts of the Kodiak Jig Initiative include: Ecotrust, Alaska Sea Grant, and the Community Fisheries Network. The project has been guided by the support and wisdom of a steering committee.

Project Steering Committee Members:

  • Darius Kasprzak, Kodiak jig fisherman, President Alaska Jig Association
  • Dave Kubiak, Kodiak jig fisherman
  • Ian Macintosh, Kodiak jig fisherman
  • Alexus Kwachka, Kodiak jig fisherman
  • Art Schultz, Kodiak jig fisherman
  • Julie Matweyou, Alaska Sea Grant, Marine Advisory Program
  • Quentin Fong, Alaska Sea Grant, Marketing Specialist
  • Chuck Crapo, Alaska Sea Grant, Quality Specialist
  • Stephanie Webb, business and financial planning consultant

Project Staff:

    • Kelly Harrell, Executive Director, Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC)
    • Rachel Donkersloot, Working Waterfronts Program Director, AMCC
    • Theresa Peterson, Kodiak Outreach Coordinator, AMCC
    • Peter Arlein, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Kodiak Jig Seafoods

Project Funding:

  • Generous support provided by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Fisheries
  • Innovation Fund and the Oak Foundation.